Summary of the Vancouver session with advocates

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) conducted a consultation in Vancouver on May 16, 2019 with 15 people who work with vulnerable populations, including individuals who need assistance filing taxes. This session was one in a series of in-person consultations that the CRA is conducting in May and June 2019. As part of its ongoing efforts to improve client experience, the CRA will use the results to guide its service transformation actions.

Some of the positive elements of the CRA’s service to Canadians that were noted in the session included the phone line dedicated to support volunteers of the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, the option to autofill your tax returns and to file online. Recommendations that they would like to see improved include shorter wait times when phoning the CRA, and easier access to information on the CRA website.

The group discussed having the CRA making it easier to access information by putting on its website common tax scenarios. They would like more advertising and overall awareness regarding the CRA scams to protect vulnerable Canadians, and the ability to meet face to face with the CRA staff.

This feedback represents a small but important part of the input the CRA is gathering during the Serving Canadians Better consultation. The final report on the in-person sessions and the feedback received through the online consultation should be available in Fall 2019.