Summary of the Montreal session with individuals

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve client experience, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is consulting Canadians to better understand their service experience with the organization so it can find ways to better meet their needs and expectations. On May 27, 2019, the CRA held a consultation with 23 people in Montréal. This session was one in a series of in-person consultations taking place in May and June 2019.

Participants provided examples of good service on the part of the CRA, focusing on the online services, My Account and Auto-fill my return, and on the usefulness of technical information given by officers on the telephone and published on the website. Participants emphasized their appreciation of the officers who did an exceptional job in handling their requests.

Participants discussed several challenges they have had to face when dealing with the CRA. These included communicating with the CRA, accessing services, and their desire for the CRA to adapt to new technologies. They also discussed the need to educate newcomers and young people, starting in high school, about the Canadian tax system. The group agreed their service experience would be improved by a more personalized approach that is better suited to people's schedules, and user-friendly self-service options.

The group also discussed the idea that the government produce a tax return to be validated by each taxpayer, as some countries provide this service to its citizens.

Feedback from the Serving Canadians Better consultations will play a leading role in identifying the next steps the CRA will take to improve client experience. In fall 2019, the CRA will publish a final report on the in-person sessions and the comments it has received through the online consultation.