Summary of the Montreal session with advocates

On May 27, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) conducted an in-person consultation with 14 advocate group representatives in Montréal. As part of its service transformation initiative, the CRA is listening to Canadians, changing its way of doing things, and improving its services to better meet Canadians’ needs and expectations. This session was one of a series of in-person consultations the CRA is conducting in May and June 2019.

Participants highlighted positive elements of the CRA’s services, including access to online forms, the My Account and Auto-fill my Return online functions, and the availability of officers assigned to the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP). Participants also said they enjoyed the webinars and in-person training offered to CVITP volunteers.

They discussed several challenges their clients face when dealing with the CRA, in particular after-tax services and logistical support for volunteers. They also discussed the need for education and training for newcomers.

This feedback will play a key role in identifying the next steps the CRA will take to better serve Canadians. In fall 2019, the CRA will publish a final report on the in-person sessions and the comments it has received through the online consultation.