Summary of the Moncton session with individuals

As part of an initiative by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA to improve its services, a consultation was held in Moncton on May 22, 2019. Nineteen people took part in the session which was one of a series of in-person consultations that the CRA is conducting in May and June 2019.

During the consultation session, participants talked about some positive experiences with CRA services. The positive experiences included the free NETFILE service, which participants found easy to use, and My Account, which they found was fast and improved their access to financial and tax information from previous years. The participants also appreciated the quality of the technical responses given by agents on the telephone.

Common challenges raised by participants include the waiting times for telephone communications and file processing, as well as a lack of follow-up by the CRA. They emphasized the need to inform and support young people when they fill out and send their first tax returns and recommended offering a tax information course in schools. They also mentioned the need to better inform Canadians, especially seniors, about tax credits, benefits and scams.

All participants agreed that the Agency had simplified the tasks of filing their income tax returns and requesting benefits. However, they also noted that it was still complicated and, at times, confusing to get information from the CRA.

These consultations support the Agency's efforts to provide excellent client service and better results for Canadians. This initiative offers people from various socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to influence the Agency's transformation measures. In fall 2019, the Agency will publish a final report on the in-person sessions and comments received through the online consultation.