Summary of the Mississauga session with individuals

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) conducted a consultation with 23 people in Mississauga on May 9, 2019. This session is part of a series of in-person consultations that the CRA is conducting in May and June 2019. As part of its ongoing efforts to improve services provided to Canadians, the CRA will use the information gathered to help determine the next steps in its service transformation actions.

Participants shared stories and ideas about how the CRA could improve communication, accessibility, and the services provided to Canadians. The group spoke about long wait times, delays, and not knowing whether the CRA received documentation they had submitted. Recommendations for improvement included having a tracking feature or notification that would provide status updates, improved communication, such as promoting CRA services and support, providing information about changes to benefits and how to maximize your return using various media platforms. Keeping up with technology and more convenient online self service options were also discussed.

Overall, the group expressed desire for a more personalized approach when it came to service. When dealing with an issue, an idea for personalized service was having a case worker provide consistent support until the issue was resolved. Barriers were also identified regarding accessibility and support for seniors and newcomers.

This feedback represents a small but important part of the input the CRA is gathering during the Serving Canadians Better consultation. The final report on the in-person sessions and the feedback received through the online consultation should be available in Fall 2019.