Summary of the Halifax session with individuals

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) conducted a consultation with 23 people in Halifax on May 2, 2019. This session was the first in a series of seven in-person consultations that the CRA is conducting in May and June 2019 as part of its ongoing efforts to improve client experience. The CRA will use the results to guide its service transformation actions.

Participants noted positive elements of the CRA’s service to Canadians. For example, they mentioned that Auto-fill my return and online filing sped up the tax-filing and refund process, and people on the phone at CRA were not judgemental, as examples of good CRA service. They also talked about several challenges in their interactions with the CRA. Specifically, participants highlighted difficulties they have encountered with long waits on hold when trying to reach CRA by phone, having to send CRA requested documents by mail rather than electronically, and the lack of personalized service.

The group suggested the CRA improve its communications and transparency with Canadians by providing helpful suggestions and personally-relevant information, and dedicating more efforts to educate Canadians on changes and scams, among other things. In addition, the group also highlighted the need for the CRA to develop a more partnership-type of relationship with taxpayers and benefit recipients.

This feedback represents a small but important part of the input the CRA is gathering during the Serving Canadians Better consultation. The final report on the in-person sessions and the feedback received through the online consultation should be available in Fall 2019.