Other e-services

In addition to the e-services available through My Business Account, business owners or their representatives can also:

  • download and use the Business Tax Reminder app to create customized reminders/alerts for key filing and remitting due dates
  • file a return using GST/HST NETFILE, TELEFILE or GST/HST Internet File Transfer
  • use permanent access codes for GST/HST NETFILE, TELEFILE and GST/HST Internet File Transfer
  • create a one-time pre-authorized debit agreement after filing a return using GST/HST NETFILE
  • submit requested documentation through e-docs for GST/HST rebates
  • apply for a corporation income tax Web Access Code within certain commercial tax preparation software packages
  • sign up for online mail by providing your email on your electronic corporation income tax or GST/HST returns
  • file Form T1135 Foreign Income Verification Statement electronically through corporation income tax preparation software
  • file requests for reassessments for your corporation electronically

Functionality that is under development includes the ability to:

  • file corporation income tax returns and attach digital copies of supporting documentation through corporation income tax software if you are an insurance corporation
  • change an address when filing your corporation income tax return electronically
  • EFILE the RC59 Business Consent Form through corporation income tax return filing software
  • allow users authenticated through My Business Account to use auto-fill my return (for both personal and corporation income tax) to load CRA-held assessed information directly into their certified tax preparation software
  • file other documents electronically through corporation income tax return software
  • use a Visa® Debit or Interac® Online debit card for access to MyPayment
  • file a GST/HST Public Service Bodies' Rebate application outside of My Business Account
  • let small businesses using the quick method of accounting estimate GST/HST using an online tool

We are interested in your feedback about the CRA's e-services, including your experience using the new features or any thoughts you may have on the new functionality under development. Please provide your ideas for additional features the CRA could add to make meeting your tax obligations easier. Also let us know how we can raise awareness of these services.

We would also like to hear from you if you haven’t used any CRA e-services. Are there any specific reasons why you haven’t?


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Gendron's picture
Aug 16, 2016 - 18:27

Yes, more efiling options are a great direction to move towards.

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Maria's picture
Aug 23, 2016 - 12:13

would like to know if CRA has any plan for efiling option for T106 information return?

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CRA Administrator - Administrateur ARC's picture
CRA Administrator - Administra...
Aug 29, 2016 - 10:48

Hi Maria,
The Serving You Better online consultation is looking for feedback, and is not designed as forum for questions & answers. However, if you think the CRA should consider this as an option for the T106 information return, we can add that to our findings for our report.
Thank you.


Salut Maria,
La consultation en ligne « Mieux vous servir » est à la recherche de rétroactions. Il est à noter que cet instrument n'a pas été conçu comme une tribune à questions et réponses. Toutefois, si vous pensez que l'ARC devrait considérer cela comme une option pour la déclaration de renseignements T106, nous pouvons ajouter cela aux conclusions de notre rapport.

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Hugh N FCPA FCA TEP's picture
Sep 9, 2016 - 16:36

The comment on the T106 should be taken as a request to make EFILE available to as many filings as possible. Added to that, however, where the questions on the return indicate a filing is needed that was not part of the EFILE, could this be included in the acknowledgement? For example, the fact that the return indicates a T106 (based on Line 171 of the T2) or T1135 (Line 259) is also required might reduce confusion on what CRA has and has not received by EFILE.

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Zhao's picture
Oct 5, 2016 - 14:20

Really appreciate CRA is giving us such as a platform to give our feedback!! E-service CRA has offered has greatly changed our life! Much more efficient now with access to "Rep a client"!

Would be great if we can e-file RC59 like how we efile T1013! I heard CRA is working on that. Wonder when will it happen?

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Hugh N FCPA FCA TEP's picture
Oct 6, 2016 - 09:57

I've seen a couple of CRA presentations where they confirm that the RC 59 will cease granting online access in May/17, but will return that option and be able to be submitted like the T1013 in Oct/17.

These presentations help get the word out, but they clearly don't reach all of the stakeholders. They can't all attend The ONE conference in Vancouver (although we could all go to CPA Canada's site and watch their webcasts - they are free and maintained for a long time).

Perhaps CRA could provide links to these presentations when they are maintained in a publicly accessible format (like CPA Canada webinars), caveating that these are not produced by CRA, and therefore CRA offers no guarantees of their currency, accuracy or continuing applicability or availability. Alternatively, for presentations CRA did prepare and present, perhaps these could be made available on their web site as well. That might require some negotiations with the body at whose event the presentation took place, but if they get some credit for being the initial hosts, and the benefit that CRA still comes to their events (I don't think you, CRA, realize how much value we place on your participation at tax conferences!), they should be pretty open to the idea.

An added incentive might be putting the choice of the presentation being on CRA's website, or on the host's site with a link on CRA's site, to the body which hosted the event. They probably value the web traffic, and CRA saves the hosting costs.

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