Meeting your tax obligations

Take a moment to think about the work and the process involved with meeting your tax obligations, including the time you spend getting ready to file, and the filing process itself.

For some of you, this also includes your GST/HST, corporation income tax and payroll reporting requirements.

Which activities represent the greatest challenges in complying with your tax obligations? Your challenges relate to:

  • understanding policies, tax laws or correspondence from the CRA
  • accessing information on our website or through the CRA's telephone service
  • knowing which CRA services are available online
  • receiving timely and efficient services from the CRA
  • other factors

When telling us about the challenges you face as a business owner or representative, also share your ideas about how the CRA could make the process easier for you.


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eugene's picture

In February 2016 I tried to use the download tax data for clients with the Cantax T1 software. I found it very difficult and slow to use even when I had the T1013 on file. I tried a few times and decided it was faster just to type in the software the amounts in the T3 and T5 slips.

I also found frustrating that I had to get a T1013 for each client. Too much paperwork to manage.

Remedy: we should be allowed to use the download data feature if we have the T183 on file for the previous year. 95 percent of my clients are repeat business and it is much easier and faster if I can access their data quickly every year without much delay and additional paper work.

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BrenTax's picture
Aug 30, 2016 - 11:43

The purpose of 10 year online adjustment availability was to expedite the process and yet 2016 has been the worst year to date - unexplainable long delays in processing ("In Progress" showing for months), and/or adjustments that are dropped after filing and no sign they were ever filed.

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Hugh N FCPA FCA TEP's picture
Sep 9, 2016 - 16:20

Adding to BrenTax' comments, it would be helpful if the status lines could indicate the expected period before an adjustment request will be actioned. If we knew that a reply within 4 - 6 weeks is the norm, we would know that following up after three days will likely be a waste of time, and that there is likely a problem (perhaps a missed request from CRA for further information) if the status is unchanged after 8 weeks.

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Donna's picture

T1 adjustments are taking way too long to process. Also I had a client who made a payment and it went into his personal installment account instead of his payroll account. The agent told me it could take 6 weeks before the payment was transferred.
I also think non-personalized installment vouchers should be available for making a corporate tax installment. Many times we have to mail a cheque if the client owes money or can't find their personalized remittance form. And CRA always seems to post the payment in the wrong period. Thankfully it is easy for us to move with online access.

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Hugh N FCPA FCA TEP's picture
Sep 9, 2016 - 16:24

To Donna's comments, my understanding is that standard remittance forms use magnetic ink, making download and print impossible. Why not use a medium that can be easily accessed by taxpayers - when we have to send cheques with covering letters instead of CRA standard forms, it does not improve the likelihood they will be credited to the right account.

It is beyond me why a transfer within the same taxpayer's account takes six weeks. This is especially grating to taxpayers and their advisors when the CRA standard for a complete response to their requests for information, commonly requiring a lot more work than posting a simple journal entry, is 30 days.

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Shawn's picture
Oct 9, 2016 - 21:06

It would be extremely beneficial if all of the past years Corporation's Notice of Assessments are available for a business online for re-printing.

It should not be that hard considering that the information is with the CRA already. Mark them as re-print, if you are concerned about misuse, which is hard to envision how.

The same should be available for other obligations and statements made available for such as GST and Payroll taxes

Thanks for listening to us!

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