Directive overview

The Overview explains the role of the Consultations and Stakeholder Engagement Centre of Expertise within PAB and the CRA.

Please read the Overview section of our Directive and rate its effectiveness.


The CRA consults the public and its employees, as appropriate, taking into account their interests and concerns when establishing priorities, developing policies, and planning programs and services.

The Consultations and Stakeholder Engagement Centre of Expertise assists and advises internal partners to optimize the use of high quality consultation and public engagement, leading to actionable insights, greater public trust, and stronger programs and services across the CRA.

Consultation and stakeholder engagement activities are ongoing, two-way exchanges allowing the public or stakeholders the opportunity to provide input on decisions or changes related to policies, programs, services, and legislative and regulatory initiatives.

The Public Affairs Branch (PAB) is mandated to oversee all consultation and stakeholder engagement activities undertaken by, or for, the CRA. PAB maintains a centralized co-ordination function to ensure that consultations and stakeholder engagements by, or for, the CRA are consistently well-managed. It is essential that program areas involve PAB during the early planning stages of all consultations and stakeholder engagements undertaken by, or for, the CRA.