CRA Engage - What do you think?

CRA Engage is a new tool the Canada Revenue Agency is using to communicate with Canadians. We would like to hear your feedback on using the site and appreciate any suggestions for future improvements.

Note – this section is for feedback relating to CRA Engage. Tax-specific comments will not be posted in this discussion area. Thank you for your understanding.


Tyne B.'s picture
Aug 17, 2016 - 15:29

Great Inititative! Take it National.
CRA information sessions have always been well attended. I applaud you for changing your approach from speaking mode.
My top pics: T1135 and capital gains taxation

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Russell 's picture

I find my number one complete is how clients refuse to pay their HST.
I have tried several strategies.
Accept the funds without HST only to pay it later
Send the account to the collection and still collect no tax and lower revenues
Refuse to perform the work without the taxes being paid results in lower sales.

Over the last five years, this issue has converted into substantial losses in revenues, and uncollected taxes and the surprising thing clients have the financial resources to pay their taxes but feel they are entitled not to pay.

I have even experienced CRA employees trying to get out of paying the HST tax - should be terminated.
If the people collecting the tax are trying to get out of paying the tax personally only demonstrates how widespread this problem has become.

I would appreciate some input and suggestions - first of all before you tell me to change my client base I should disclose I am a home and mould inspector. So I deal with realtors, purchasers, and sellers. The nature of the business does not always allow you the luxury of prescreening clients. I should also say I do not work for everyone who calls. I will turn work down if I sense it will be a problem.
I am so frustrated with this issue.

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Dan White's picture
Mar 13, 2019 - 11:08

The simple solution is to quote your prices HST in.

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Hugh N FCPA FCA TEP's picture
Sep 9, 2016 - 16:54

I find the pages taking me to comment sections very "busy". There is a reason most Internet discussion boards have one line for each topic section. As well, guidance on the topics desired in each section would be helpful.

Overall, though, nothing is ever perfect out of the gate, and this is an excellent and welcome initiative.

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Vani B.'s picture
Oct 9, 2016 - 19:25

Thank you CRA for this opportunity to make our voices heard.
Although this is not a topic which we encounter on a daily basis, it is a pain when we do encounter. Recently I had to confirm CDA balance for a client who has been a client for the last 6 years.
It would be nice to have the CDA balance available online under Represent a client.

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Ron's picture
Oct 17, 2016 - 14:01

I think this is a great opportunity for CRA to provide a dedicated service to tax professionals and representatives - can't wait for it to be operational.

Completely agree on the comments about the address changes for personal accounts.

Would also like to see the ability to transfer payments between taxation years for individuals.

Thanks for the outlet.

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rl's picture

US-CDN citizens must pay capital gains tax on capital gains from principal residence to IRS. I would rather pay that tax to Canada (The country that is doing something for me rather than to a country that I have not lived in for 32 years and will never return to). CRA should apply same capital gains tax on principal residence to US-CDN as IRS and the US-CDN citizen will claim a foreign tax credit on their IRS tax filing to offset the taxes owed to IRS.

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Dan White's picture
Jul 12, 2018 - 09:27

In order for this site to be successful at getting dialogs going, the message needs to be clear that it is a safe place to have the conversations and that tactful communication is invited. If the site appears to be slanted to government propaganda it will not succeed. If fair and open dialog is encouraged the site could be wildly successful. ____ Especially if CRA is willing to accept suggestions and make changes where appropriate.

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Barb 's picture

1. Great idea!
2. Seem to be a few issues:
a. I tried to ‘like’ a comment and it didn’t seem to accept the ‘like’ – SUGGESTION: add text that you must register/sign-in (if this is the case) to ‘like’.
b. I tried to register and from the way screen was open, I entered my email address to register, and then it took me back to the CRA Engage page ( without prompting me to choose a password (don’t know if place to enter a password was below the visible screen or I used the enter key - my typical next step after completing a field - rather than ‘selecting’/using mouse to complete a password). I then tried to log in and chose “forgot password” as I hadn’t had a chance to select a password and didn’t know one was ‘coming’. I went to my email as referenced in the ‘forgot password’, and found a link that I should have known would arrive that presumably would have prompted me to complete the “tell me a little about yourself”. SUGGESTION: If the app works by entering an email address, then receiving an email link and clicking on link, say this in the instructions (also, I assume the app was tested on mobile and pc/laptop?)?
c. Other tech issues
i. I tried to log in using Chrome, and got an error message.
ii. I tried to log in using Edge and got “The requested page "/en/node/169%23comment-form" could not be found”.
iii. I tried looking for ‘manage my account’ so I could change my posting name to my full name but could not find it. (p.s. While not forcing a person to use their real name, I think the CRA should encourage it as it may ‘keep people more polite and honest, and lead to more carefully thought-out posts)
iv. I logged in (or thought I was) but could not ‘like’ a post.
v. Using Firefox, I several times got a message when using the ‘back’ function ‘The page is asking whether you want to leave – you may lose data. Only once when was I trying to ‘like’ something and entered Reply to see if that would allow me to ‘Like’ would there have been a chance of losing data
vi. The application seems to keep me logged in even though I said do not save password.
vii. I otherwise can’t tell if I am logged in or not.
SUGGESTION: Research and correct these minor nits.

If I can be your guinea pig of a reasonably but not perfect target user to help iron out issues, let me know.

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Barb 's picture

I would like to participate as a small business but do not see an Ontario or Quebec location for small businesses - what options are there?

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Barb 's picture
Oct 22, 2018 - 22:21

My earlier comments have been being agreed to and disagreed with, but always 'anonymous'. Should participants show at least some name?

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Dan White's picture
Dec 3, 2018 - 10:25

I agree it would be nice to have identities, even handles would work.... so we can enter into meaningful dialog. For instance on my previous post there are 50/50 likes and dislikes.... I would love to know why anyone would disagree with my comment that CRA will have to appear fair and open for this site to be meaningful The site is a great idea.... that needs to be built on to make it work and having handles would be a great improvement. The handle "anonymous" should be an option for those who fear retribution.

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DrLyne78's picture
Jan 30, 2019 - 19:27

My emails were hiding or I dont know , but it came handy when I found in recycle bin in messages.

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Dan White's picture
Mar 13, 2019 - 11:55

The Whitby Chamber of Commerce has initiated a movement to have the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, enshrined as law, by creating a Taxpayers Charter of Rights. Why? you might ask. The answer is straight forward. It is not all the great people at CRA who cause problems, it is the ones that don't follow the Taxpayers Bill of Rights. The ones who are out of line are the ones creating the majority of the problems. The good news on this initiative is that the Ontario Chamber of Commerce took up the torch. And then the Canadian Chamber of Commerce adopted it. And now it has become a movement across Canada. We just need to get CRA on board with the idea that they created the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (largely borrowed from the Public Servants Act... so a good move) and now there needs to be accountability to CRA and recourse for Taxpayers. This movement now has many thousands of supporters.... It will become law, sooner or later.... Quebec has already done it, now the rest of Canada needs to be protected to.

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