Charities Feedback on Outreach Products

As a member of the charitable sector, you know best how the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can serve you better. We invite you to share your voice through our online consultation tool. What you have to say is important to us as we work to improve our communications.

We will use the information gathered through this consultation to inform the direction of future communications and outreach products and to allow the CRA to more efficiently reach the charitable sector.

Please view the topic cards below and open each one, or just the ones you are interested in, to provide your feedback.

We will share the findings from the consultations in the fall of 2019. You will be notified if you have opted to recieve notifications that new content has been posted.

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What We Heard

Summary of the feedback we heard from those working in the charitable sector on the different communications products the CRA offers. 




Communications, Outreach and Social Media

The CRA uses various communication tools to share general information with registered charities and the charitable sector at large. Your feedback will help us determine what the best ways are to reach out to the sector about updates on new products and important information.

Graphic Educational Tools

The CRA creates graphic educational tools for various purposes. Please answer these questionnaires to provide us with your thoughts on the look and effectiveness of our graphic educational tools. Your feedback will help us improve our educational products and tools.




Educational Videos

The CRA creates educational videos to help charities understand the various rules and obligations that come with registration. Your feedback on our videos will help us determine whether videos are interesting and effective tools to educate charities and will help us in the development of new educational products and tools.

Future Outreach and Educational Products

We want to know what future outreach and educational products you would like to see. Your feedback will help us develop new educational products and tools to help charities understand the rules and comply.